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Item: 1851 Nickel Navy Conversion
Description: Letter from former Texas Gun Collectors Association President, Dow Heard to Col. Kim Poole, now retired states:
"Great Seeing you at the TGCA. You bought my Colt 1851 Navy Conversion, serial # 1790 in
.38 Rimfire. This 7 1/2" Octagonal barrel is a civilian gun made as a cartridge firearm. It was made at the factory as cartridge and was never a percussion.
It has the 1871-1872 Patent dates with the dashes, also the assembly number #3340 on the gate. This is an extremely fine condition 95% + nickel finish and Ivory grips. It has the rare dished lug on the barrel.
I bought this extremely (grip is lined through) crisp gun from Herb Glass who advertised in the March 1981 "Gun Report". I began gun collecting in 1966, and started on Colt Conversions in 1975. this beautiful gun was my favorite conversion after the more than 45 years of collecting them! Enjoy it,
All my Best, Dow Heard

The Navy is also pictured in Metallic Cartridge Conversions, page 124.

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