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Item: Texas Jack Omohundro
Description: John B. "Texas Jack" Omohundro,(1846-1880), cowboy, prairie scout, western hunting guide, Scout for the 5th cavalry, and partner and friend of W.F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody, and James B. "Wild Bill" Hickock.
One trip of driving cattle he met Buffalo Bill and they became fast friends, Cody a scout in US Army at Ft. McPherson admired Jack's extraordinary ability as a horseman, hunter and marksman and induced him to stay on as a Army Scout. The U.S. government had a policy of not hiring ex-Confederate soldiers, so Cody took matters into his own hands and appealed to the Secretary of War. It is said Congress had to pass a special act to permit Cody who was Chief of Scouts to enlist Texas Jack as a U.S. Government Scout.
He was a nationally known figure in his day, however he died at an early age of 33. He deserves a place in western history, he was also one of first actors in a Western drama, at the time he was as famous as his notable friends.
Books and other information is available about Texas Jack Omohundro through the internet and libraries.
A Civil War era E. Lefaucheux Pin Fire pistol, stamped on the upper frame is "Texas Jack Omohundro", "5th US Cav" and "Scout" photos show clearly, accompanied a custom homemade holster rig (made from a boot?), snake buckle, Texas star belt slide and a possible ammo pouch clip.
Copies of Photos and other information included.
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