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Item: 101 Ranch Wild West Ranch gun
Description: This great western piece of Americana, a percussion French Rifle probably belonged to an Indian who was with the 101 Ranch Show, and later worked for the 101 Ranch. This Rifle hung above the cash register in the Ranch Store. The "Son of the Morning Star" medal on the stock may indicate it was in the battle against Custer. The "101 Ranch Token" shows it was indeed used in the 101 Ranch Show.
Zack Miller owner of the The 101 Ranch showed up at the store and met with his employees whom he couldn't pay for the last 2 months. He instructed them to take whatever merchandise they wanted in trade for back pay, then lock the doors behind them as the bank was coming to put a lock on his whole operation.
It's said one of the employees took this firearm.
In the 1970's this gun was acquired as part of a 101 Ranch collection at auction.
included is a letter from Jerry Murphey, Appraiser of Antique guns and 101 Ranch items.
He states he knows of that Zack Miller went broke, and allowed his employees to go into the store and take what was equal to their pay in merchandise. The Ranch was located in Ponca City, Oklahoma
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