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Item: Lettered U.S. Colt
Description: U.S. Government Inspected Colt, Serial Number 131834, 45/c, Finish Blue, Sold to United States Government, Delivered to U.S Government Inspector located at the Colt Plant, Date of Shipment
April 11, 1890 in a shipment of 100. Pre 1895 Colt that was not sent to New York Militia.
Condition is 98%
photos of inspector stamps, and numbers

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  • Barrel 2Barrel 2
  • Frame side 1Frame side 1
  • Frame side 2Frame side 2
  • Trigger guardTrigger guard
  • MainMain
  • Main 2Main 2
  • BarrelBarrel
  • LetterLetter
  • bottom of Backstrapbottom of Backstrap
  • Inspector stampsInspector stamps
  • Cylinder Cylinder
  • Cartouche 1Cartouche 1
  • Cartouche 2Cartouche 2
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