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Item: U.S Colt SAA with U.S. Holster
Description: Unites States Government, shipped to U.S. Government Inspector located at the Colt Plant, 11/19/1884, .45 cal, Blue, 7 1/2"
DFC Inspected, 60-80% condition, cartouche on both sides of grips, all matching numbers, strong bore, all 4 clicks.
included is a 1881 Cavalry holster is very good condition

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  • LetterLetter
  • Serial # Inspector markSerial # Inspector mark
  • back of holsterback of holster
  • Frame side 2Frame side 2
  • Barrel 2Barrel 2
  • Frame 1Frame 1
  • Grip 1Grip 1
  • Barrel Barrel
  • Grip 2Grip 2
  • MainMain
  • Colt and HolsterColt and Holster
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