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Item: Colt 1860 Army 44 Conversion "Sheriff James Glispin"
Price: $20000
Description: Historical Firearm Inscribed to "Sheriff James Glispin" on backstrap. Sheriff Glispin was with the posse who tracked down the James-Younger gang Sept 7, 1876, after Northfield, Minnesota raid. In the process, Glispin captured the Youngers and Killed Charlie Pitts. In an article in Sept. 2018 True West magazine, says Sheriff Glispin was responsible for killing Charlie Pitts
There is an accompanying letter dated 1951 from the granddaughter, Mary Glispin, attesting to the revolvers owner her Grandfather Sheriff James Glispin.
Colt 1860 Richards Conversion with shorten barrel, grips in good condition, well fitted and original to the gun.
condition NRA Fair-good, since the gun was in granddaughter possession it's possible her children played with it
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