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Item: US Colt Artillery with Kopec letter
Price: $9500
Description: This Colt has definitely seen all the Indian Wars as stated in Kopec’s letter “ there is no question that the subject revolver #540 had actually served with a Calvary unit during the Indian Wars.”
Later Stated in Kopec’s letter ‘The triggerguard of the subject revolver bears the distinct serial number #4417 was also Ordnance sub-inspected by O.W. Ainsworth during 1874. The revolver #3046 is listed in the Archives records as being “turned-in” by the Indian “Bull-Eagle” on September 5, 1876. The revolver #4878 is also listed as being returned on this same day by the Indian “Fools-Bear”. These revolvers were “turned-in” just some three months after the famous Custer Battle, so there could be a possibility that this triggerguard could have been a component from one of the early Custer-era revolvers. The accepted “Custer” serial range however begins a little later at #4507.
He continues “the cylinder of this revolver bears the distinct serial number#5790 and is clearly marked with sub-inspector’s initial “A” of O.W. Ainsworth. This cylinder originated as a component of a U.S. Calvary revolver manufactured during 1874, and is well within the “Lot Five” group of Calvary revolvers which had been issued to the Seventh //Calvary prior to their departure into the Black Hills on July 2, 1874. The most famous documented “Custer” revolver #5773 being only seventeen numbers below this cylinder’s serial number. It is therefore very probable that this cylinder could have originally been a component fitted to a “Custer Battle” survivor.”
More information is on the Kopec letter
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