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Item: 1860 Historic Henry rifle owned by pioneer S J Black, Virginia City, Nevada
Description: Colorful Comstock Lode historic Henry, owner was murdered by his brother, and initials “S.J. Black” are stamped on right side of barrel.
The Henry remains in original very good condition showing a gray/brown patina finish on the barrel with faint traces of blue mixed in protected areas, barrel address is sharp, edges are crisp, brass frame is mellow aged brass with tight sideplates, also matching patina on the butt, buttplate is also stamped SJB. Lever, hammer, and small parts show matching patina and are all original. Bore has some pitting but strong rifling, it is fitted with a Globe front sight as shown in Madis Winchester book pg 29, he states “Special features were discouraged by the factory, so are rare. Special sights, such as the globe sight on rifle number 6409, will be seen very rarely”. This Henry rifle #5808 is only other known with this sight. This Henry rifle is generally very good overall.
A 1976 dated letter from firearms expert and Road Show appraiser Brad Witherell recants the history of the Henry as belonging to S.J. Black who, with his brother John built one of the first general stores in Virginia City, NV. the brothers ran the store until 1888, when John murdered Samuel in the upstairs quarters of the store due to financial problem between them .
The Howell-Black & Bro. Building still stands in Virginia City. Included are numerous letters, documents, photo copies of building and information listing the building and business.
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