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Item: Pancho Villa's Smith & Wesson documented
Description: Well documented Mexican Revolution Smith and Wesson Model No.3 inscribed to "General Doroteo Arnago"
on the backstrap, Better known as Pancho Villa.

SN 13780, factory letter recording the gun shipped to M.W. Robinson, NY in 1881 for export. The revolver is Mexican engraved in full scroll coverage with nickel remaining in the flutes, rest of the revolver shows smooth gray brown patina, backstrap silver/gray with the engraved name in block letters. Ivory grips aged crackling, barrel and serial number markings are sharp. Action functions with good timing and lock up, bore is good.

Also includes original envelope and letter dated 1936 to William Locke the famous firearms collector, from J.M. Edelbrock of Edelbrock Saddlery, FT. Worth, Texas offering him the gun for $100. A friend of Locke's who he had attributed to starting him in gun collecting, Charles Nordin seen the S&W in Edelbrock's Saddle Shop and told him of Locke's interest in historical firearms
Edelbrock states in the letter that he made cartridge belts for Pancho Villa's army and that Villa had left the S&W to be fixed, never returning for it after he raided nearby Columbus, NM
Also included is copy of a letter dated 1986 listing the gun sold to P.E. Goodwin from G. Stephenson stating the gun had been on display in his China Town museum in Virginia City, Nevada until he sold it in the 1970's
The Edelbrock letter and envelope is framed with the photos used in "Colts from Texas and the Old West" by Jerry Hemphill. Hemphill shows the gun to be part of Gary Helin collection who is deceased.

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